Tuesday, October 18, 2011


So... I go to work Saturday.. slightly sore throat... no biggy... Wake up Sunday, sore n swollen n fever. Well, not my favorite but I will live. I'm sure I'm fine, right? Can't find ne one to cover my shift, of course, so I go...
Monday, fever breaks!! Yay! Now my body aches are gone, my head feels better but still swollen and sore..
Take a shower.. I sneeze.. I START SPITTING BLOOD. Huh. K. Not good. My tonsils started to bleed. Fiance MAKES ME GO TO the emergency room where I am terrified they r going to tell me I have tonsilitis, and tell me they are taking my tonsils and I'll have to teach my throat how to control my voice so I can sing. That's right.

I am in the emergency room with bleeding tonsils and I'm worried I'll have to learn to sing again... did I ever mention that I live to sing???

So, the doctor sees, she says it makes her throat hurt. She does a strep culture n asks if I have ever had mono... no. So she takes blood...

Strep culture: POSITIVE!!!
Mono test: POSITIVE!!!

Yep, I have BOTH. SERIOUSLY?!?!!!

But I have my tonsils... so, Supermono it is. That's what I am calling this. It's both, so its an easy way to say it. No work, no singing, no active, just sleep n lay down...

Oh, and they gave me a penicillin shot in my butt.*forehead smack*

My butt hurts. I am currently living in a house full of my friends who are gay, butt pain isn't my forte...

So being as it is 3:41am, I am going to bed... or attempting it..



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  1. ugh... no mention of the superAWESOMEfriend who held your hand & spoke sweet nothings while you were being poked, & prodded, & swabbed?!?
    ... I see how it is. I will CONTINUE to take pleasure in your pain... 6 MORE DAYS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! :D