Saturday, October 8, 2011

Spoken Too Soon...

So thankfully... the fiance and I were able to work out our issues... All I wanted was snuggling, kisses, and "I love you" whispered a million times a night like we do when we aren't fighting. Last night I got that. He ran into my arms at midnight while I was at work and it completely made my night.

But my post the other night was called "There's No Place Like Home"... do I have a home anymore? Nope. I was just uprooted from my home. Yesterday while I was gone, one of our roommates started to pick a fight with my extremely irritated fiance. He was angry cuz we were still fighting. Now, I should mention, we have 5 people in our house. Over half are siblings. Yes, my fiance, his older brother, older sister, her boyfriend and long time friend to both boys and myself. They usually all get along great, but add in booze to the boyfriend and he's an irresponsible asshole. He got in my fiances face and fiance told him to back down. HE THEN HIT MY FIANCE IN THE HEAD WITH A CRYSTAL ASHTRAY. My fiance has a very hot temper.. and he walked away. I was so proud. He left. Upon returning drunk boy went at it again. This time sister was drunk too, and her boyfriend made for swinging. Brother left, fiance left again, I called the cops from work but brother wouldn't kick them out. His sister has no where else to go. We will not live there and are now trying to find a new home.. did I mention my car died a few weeks ago? So I'm begging for rides from friends to help with getting out all our things.

Brother has made it clear he wants them there. They cook every night and clean, which he doesn't so much.. so he will be fed and his house will be spotless and he won't have to lift a finger. He rarely did and we have lived there since June...

As upset as I should b with this, I'm not. I am upset, but I was more devastated at the idea of losing my love. Getting to sleep in his arms was so relaxing... felt AMAZING. Having him through this makes it better. Sadly, it is what calmed our storm, but sometimes chaos brings people together... now let's hope he keeps his head out of his butt so we can stay good!

Is it just me? Or does chaos and drama really seem to follow me? No.. it does.. so what am i doing tonight? I'm hanging out and watching Wilfred, which is AWESOME!! my friend is passed out on the couch n keeps giggling in his sleep... as I blog from my phone...


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  1. I love when he sleep giggles... I want to hear him TALK!! Everything happens for a reason Breezie.. I love you :D