Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Legos In My Pocket: Anorexic COSTUMES??

Legos In My Pocket: Anorexic COSTUMES??

I saw this fb post a friend posted... and I am posting a link to my very best friends blog, and I have to say I am UTTERLY DISGUSTED by this.

You read articles in magazines about anorexic girls and their stories. I would see people on Oprah. I saw people on Maury when the show wasn't saying "he is NOT the father!". We talked in health class about the dangers of it in high school.. NOW THERE IS A COSTUME PROMOTING THAT?!


I battle anorexia. I have battled it for nearly 2 years now. I get upset or anxious and I will not eat. When I am stressed, I will not eat. If I do, I get sick to my stomach and throw up, so instead, I choose not to eat. I can go 3 days without eating, eat a little hot pocket, and go another couple days. I am aware of how unhealthy it is, and I know its not the answer. I realize I probably need therapy and I know when this started getting out of control. I was encouraged to blog as a form of therapy. That's why I started this. Well.. one reason.. and this is only one issue that I am dealing with. I don't like being this way. I LOVE THE TASTE OF FOOD. I LOVE THE SMELL! I love food, but when I am really stressed out and upset, I find myself not eating.. how far has it gone? I went from 230lbs all the way down to 155lbs. I am healthier size wise, but I so wanted to get here by a healthy means. I am worried with my stress of my housing situation I will find myself not eating. Find myself hungry and wanting to but just unable to.

Ugh.. I kinda went off topic.. my fiance is aware of my problem, he tries to make me eat regularly, as best he can. My mother and my best friend at Legos in My Pocket also gets on my ass. But really? A costume? That encourages that?



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