Friday, September 23, 2011

Rawr! just wanted to share this...

if you havent already gone to

you need to... holy cuteness in a handbasket...

done by the same peoiple who have brought you Dear Blank, Please Blank, so you know its gotta be good...

not much else to share... oh! i might be learnin gto bartend!! YEA BUDDY!

im in a lovey song of the day?

"No One"- Alicia Keys



quick post...

this stupid blogger thing is starting to irritate me... i keep going to do stuff and then it takes me back to the beginning step... all over again. Assholes.

so if ever i leave multiple comments or a blog posts 100 times... this is why...

Today I Make Faces At the World

Today, I makes faces at the world... and i stick my tongue out and give it a royal Fuck You.

Last month, i allowed someone to move into my house. they did as most awesomely good roommates do, they paid their rent and bills first month.

You might be able to guess where this is going...

This month. "My rent is gonna be late, but i will have it to you by the 14th!" sweet. no biggy. used to live with my fiances sister, and he always paid his rent n bills then. no worries.

14th... "my mom has my money, and shes out of town and i dont know when shes coming back..." k. we have OUR bills to pay that we put off to pay your rent... so whats he do? packs his shit. didnt pay rent. and left.

did i mention the day before my beloved piece of shit car Daisy died??? we dont know whats wrong with her. but shes probably dead for good. thats what my dad thinks. her body work is trashed, and a motor isnt worth it with everything else that needs work.

so my car goes and commits suicide as im driving down the road (yea, i was driving and then it was "wheres my engine power?!?!") and my roommate bails, leaving me flat broke with no way to pay for ne thing. Awesome.

i swallow my pride and ask my father for help... today, he decides to spend the time talking and berating me and basically telling me what a piece of shit person i am. Awesome. Again. decides to again tell me how my dream of being a cosmetologist is stupid, and i should aspire for a career as a doctor or a lawyer.

i have heard this my whole life. I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BE. A. DOCTOR.

i dont wish to deal with people with colds all the time. i am squeemish about blood. i cannot deal with needles.. you know when you sometimes dont put earings in and then you find it hard to put one in? THAT GROSSES ME THE FUCK OUT.

i do not wish to have patients dying of cancer, or some incureable disease, my luck is i wont be as awesome as Dr. House. and my not being able to rid peoples bodies of cancers and tumors and stuff will make me sad. i dont want to go home and cry all the time cuz my patient died! DO I SOUND LIKE A PERSON WHO SHOULD BE A DOCTOR?!?!?!

but my wants, desires, feelings... they dont matter.

so today, my favorite quote was "i love you, but right now i dont like you"... yep, fit that moment.

haha, my ipod just shuffled to "Mmmbop"- Hanson.

im blogging in between singers at work. so that was kind of awesome.
Dont hate, you know you just did a little dance in ur little seat and start singing to the little boys who looked so very much like little girls.

and officially, that ruined my rant, cuz u cant be mad when your shuffling in ur seat (yes, i said shuffling) to these guys.

so now, song of the day?

"Hot Mess"-Cobra Starship

Until next time...


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WHOA!! 2 in 2 DAYS?!

Let's see... update on my life? No longer living in the hell hole known as Bonney Lake... now i live in this quiet little hole (not a hell hole, but still a hole) sitting very close to Mt. Rainier and totally in the lahar flood zone :) so if the mountain goes? i got 15 minutes to be out or be obliterated.

I quit one job, part of me regrets it, part of me not so much. Finacially i kick myself, but i get rest now. YAY!

I did get the job as a barista, so now i am back to that lovely job :) graveyard tho... yea, my stand is open 24 hours. so i get to work from 10pm-4am.

Closer to discussing my "issues" not that it'll matter cuz i dont think many of the people i know read this... just Jaimie at Legos In My Pocket... altho i am hoping to make my mobile blogger work so i can participate more so in things like A Grimm Tales Photo Swaps and maybe some of the other fun things i see people do... but sadly, mobile blogger is pissing me off, and the damn site says the sites cant be found as soon as i enter my claim code. FML! so my lack of computer keeps me from updating regularly... as soon as i rememdy this problem there will be more updates!! i SWEAR!!

Until then... LOVE!!!

P.S. i am enjoying reading some of the blogs other people read... so if you have suggestions, leave 3 or 4 in a comment box :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I really need to update this thing more....

but first? i am going to say... if you don't follow hyperbole and a half... you should!! my very good friend Brian just showed her to me...

by the way... i got that job :)

Jaimie, are you happy?!?! i updated!! and gave you something to check out if you didn't already read it!!

Love you all... i swear i will update more!!