Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smells Delicious!

I'm joining Jaimie on this photo swap!!

(My FIRST!!)

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This week's theme:  Smells Delicious!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Wish me luck :)

I'd really like to have this job! Barista work? i have missed you!!

Whatever it takes to get my fiance and i on our feet and married...

just the essentials for now...

So.... the essential. I am starting this after much encouragement from my other sock over at Legos In My Pocket... she's been trying to get me to start a blog for a while and i used to do it when i used myspace... but... i dont ne more...

i am a 24 year old highly confused female... i am engaged to an amazing man who manages to make me smile even as he frustrates me to DEATH.... something to be known... i never thought i would ever end up married... Ever... no man could love me forever, and now 1 has decided he wants to... of the 4 guys who have proposed, haha, yes, i mean that, he's the only one i said yes to. hes amazing. makes me laugh... cant sing to save his life... snuggles me... cuddles me... picks on me... but mostly he loves me... this highly neurotic, unpredictable, completely unstable, mess that i am... he loves it.

hmm... im a karaoke host... and i am a shift manager at my other job... and i have a job interview for a 3rd job in the mornin... karaoke.. my LIFE... i LOVE LOVE LOVE to sing. my soul sings even when i am completely silent. the world is music. Music IS Life.. my two very favorite artists, Pink and Lady Gaga... yep. i love the Gaga. whether you like her or not, she is someone EVERYONE knows who she is. shes crazy, shes insane, hmm... kinda like me? and Pink? also.. fits no mold... cant be described or thrown into the mix with anyone else... her songs come from this spot i swear she reached inside my own soul and took them. shes amazing. both of them are. and they make me happy :)

my other sock is my best friend and soul mate.. ive known her since i was 2 and shes the only other person who loves me for me... even the completely insane me that i am. she puts up with my mood swings (and i with hers, altho she usually yells at me for mine whereas i just smile and pat her leg and wait for hers to pass)... shes probably the only other person in my life besides my fiance who will love me regardless of how emotionally troubled i am.

at some point.. ill explain why i am so emotionally troubled but tonight is not the night. who knows whos gonna read me... i dont even know how often i will be able to update this thing... should i tell you my name?? hmm... should i pick an alias??

well... enough for now. here is some essential me, and until next time...

OH! i have something i wanna leave y'all with... song of the day: Born This Way- Lady Gaga. you dont have to listen to it... maybe just go look up the lyrics. but essentially, thats why i love all my favorites. their lyrics speak volumes. this is me. this is how i think.

"My Mama told me when i was young, we are all born super stars"

Until next time...