Saturday, October 22, 2011

I take it back!!

I take back my squinty angry eyes!! Here I am in between work shifts and I have been dizzy half my day, the other half I'm exhausted and a further other half has been filled with my tummy bugging me...

I haven't worked since 4am Monday morning! I've been good!! I AM SO TIRED!! Supermono go away! Bug someone else today! That's 5 days on my butt, watching Glee til my hairs were singing, (I'm totally caught up!) Desperate Housewives til I was ready to snoop through my Windows and figure out whose plotting to kill who, and Grey's Anatomy until I was sure I could properly perform a Whipple that would make Chief Webber proud...I also finished up Vampire Diaries (!?!?! The season 2 under was not fair!) And I'm caught half way up on season 4 of trueblood..:) its been a good season. I can handle more nearly naked Eric oh yes.

See? That's 5 shows. I went through all of season 2 and 3 of glee, half of season 2 of vampire diaries, I'm half finished with Trueblood, and I did half of season 6 of DH and half of season 7 so far and half of GA. I can't watch ne more tv.

I've read also half a book. That's a lot of time on my behind and back cuz I was laying down.

I also resisted the urge to sing to almost every single song on Glee... this is a HELL OF A demand.. I sing. It's what I do.

I still need to finish moving into the Homotel, (dare to ask what it is? I'd be happy to answer ;) and I need a new car!! Fiance starts work in a week and with me out that's no money for warm clothes to wear to his construction job and no fixed car yet.

How am I supposed to rest when I have that shit to worry about??

*le sigh*

Well it can't rain all the time right?


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  1. now you've been back at work, and busy as hell. :D