Sunday, October 9, 2011


I spent last night cleaning at work like a Merry Maid on crack. 10pm-1am flew by so fast... and then I realized I still had all my regular cleaning and stocking to do.. I spent the time reflecting on my life. The recent events, how I believe in karma and I am truly wondering what I did to deserve such unfavorable karma... my car.. my house.. my former roommate Ryan, my roommates that moved in knowing all about that situation.. really? What did I do? I am a NICE person. I gave these people places to stay cuz they needed help. I've always been able to find help when I needed it, here was me giving these people help... and they took advantage and SHIT all over me.. no other way to say that.. on a positive note.. Fiance and I feel if we can make it through all this we can make it through ne thing. I think this is our big test. Homeless is a TOUGH thing.. and now I'm doing it without a car. I hope we make it.. this is what I spent last night reflecting on... and wanting to blog this too.. it would have been longer and more chaotic, but I was at work. Stupid work.. lol cut into my blog time..


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  1. its not that you did anything to deserve it sweetie... that's just life. (& life with ROOMMATES)