Thursday, May 16, 2013

Time Goes By....

my phone makes me angry, yes i can post from it as long as the app for my phone works. problem, my phone doesnt want to FUNCTION with too many apps, and that is one that it doesnt want to support.. GRR..

If my tax return would ever get here i could get my new phone...

So... i was pregnant again.. and so far i still am :) today i am 24 weeks and 4 days pregnant, baby boy, and we are naming him Jackson. he is an active little guy who has some incredibly strong kicks even if the kicks arent that frequent. he likes to roll. i dont know how to explain that sensation but thats what he does. i am so excited for my little baby. September 1st cant seem to come fast enough.

Married life: no different than single life with a partner. i really have such an amazing husband. a weirdo, a goober, a complete riot who looks at me on a daily basis and accepts my quirky little things... like when i told him i wanted to alphabetize all of our movies by genre(drama, action, comedy, tv, ..etc.) he just stared at me and told me he loves me. i settled for movies in one section, tv on dvd on another, and when Jack gets here there will be kids movies in another section. i have been trying to nest for probably 5-6 weeks, but i feel like that seems to early considering i was only halfway through. i want my house clean, i want my room clean, and when my roommates dont do their part it drives me CRAZY. the joys of sharing your household... i have a plan that should have Hubby and i either renting our own apartment or buying a home within 3 years... but this depends on school for both of us. his plan is welding and i want to go into something for the medical field, and both of us should be done pretty quickly... well, before we are 30. mostly me... because i am a tiny bit older than my husband. 30. no more roommates, financially stable and paying off mountains of student debt. all while trying to provide our son with the best life we can possibly provide him with and all the love a child should have.

"Simple Man"- Shinedown (Lynyrd Skynyrd originally but i am a sucker for acoustic)