Friday, October 19, 2012

Pregnancy Makes Me... Assertive.

Generally I have this filter. It decides its not my business, therefore, I don't need to say anything.

Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaa!!! Right now? That filter is OFF. And I am truly loving it. What I normally won't say I bluntly do. 14 year old with no clothes? Put your clothes back on since your bitching about the 40 yr old men gaping at you.. its that simple. I'm a bit snappy with my Soldier and that I do regret...

But I was snappy in the store today and about 2 minutes later he walked up and wrapped his arms around me from behind and said that even when I'm snappy I'm still amazing and he still loves me and kissed my cheek bunches. Which makes me feel bad for the grumpy... I try with him, I do, but hormones are everywhere.

I do however enjoy my snappy when its in the right places :) its pretty awesome...

Oh, I've lost 8lbs since I was weighed on August 29th, so 1st trimester is eating my body away. No appetite today... Maybe that's why I was cranky??


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