Thursday, October 11, 2012

Holy Strawberries!

I'm having a baby! I'm pregnant! Years of thinking I'd never have a child... Thinking I'd be Auntie to everyone else and never having a baby... I'm pregnant! Confirmation tests tomorrow. Blood work. All that. Yay.

I'm excited! And so is my Soldier! He's honestly happy and excited and I can't believe I got that lucky! He was rubbing my belly and he's being all sweet... Apparently I was aggressive today, but I didn't realize... Feel kind of bad... But I think I can be just aware and maybe it won't be so bad... Maybe he can just say baby breathe and I'll calm down?!?!

Mom is excited, dad says I'm ruining my life... His mom n dad n siblings are happy and excited for us. And I have pregnancy buddy! His sister (my roommate) is pregnant! And his other sister in eastern washington! And my best friend over at Legos In My Pocket is! And I have more pregnant friends! It's pretty awesome :) super stoked!


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