Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Movie Review: End of Watch

So I don't enjoy spoilers, and I used to do a movie review on my old blog on MySpace(obviously, ages ago) but I felt this movie was worth it. I truly enjoyed the film.

The Soldier and I went to the theatre yesterday to see End of Watch starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Peña, and Anna Kendrick.  Didn't really know what the plot was or have too much idea as to what it was going to be about besides them being police officers. That actually worked to my benefit because it changed how I went into it. The movie has a soft underlying plot, but mostly is a very realistic feel of a day in the life. Gyllenhaal delivered an excellent performance and so did Peña. The movie had tons of laughing points considering it was a crime drama. I will warn that there was a few racist comments and definite race driven jokes and stereotypes but they were well placed and went both ways. The climax of the film was well done and I promise you, we would have heard a pin drop on the carpet. The theatre was THAT quiet. All popcorn digging, snack grabbing, and seat shuffling stopped.

All around a movie I definitely would recommend and I will definitely watch again.


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