Saturday, October 13, 2012


So, i'm really only doing this because im pretty sure if i dont, facebook will HATE me forever!

I am the epitome of happy, glowy, excited mommy-to-be. i want to shout it from the roof tops that i am pregnant. then, just to be sure, i wanna shout it again. i touch my stomach every chance i get. hey, its mine. i will touch it as often as i want!! i dont even mind when family and friends are touching it already. Rich is the father, and hes so excited!! he told everyone he saw last night that hes going to be a daddy. i dont know too many guys who have literally been this excited. no hesitancy, no questions asking me if im sure i wanna have a baby and do all this. no doubts. hes scared, but hes thrilled we are having a child together. and i cant wait! so far *knocks on wood* my pregnancy has been amazing. dont know when im due yet, wont know til November at my ultrasound. if he leaves before i go to it that will be sad, but i will find a way to make sure he gets to experience the heartbeat with me...he rubs my belly every day and then says "you're having my baby" with the sweetest look in his eye.

this girl couldnt GLOW any brighter!!!

i think i will probably find a way to post to my blog pretty often as im going through pregnancy, since im going to wind up pissing off people on facebook with every thing... thats because ive had issues with my lady bits for years. i was told it would be hard to concieve, if at all. i have had enough oops and accidents that most women would have children from...a year of not using any birth control really... and then i look at girls who are on birth control, run out, go 3 days without, then start again and find out they are pregnant a month later. or havent had sex in months, have sex once, and boom. baby. this is my miracle baby....

Rich pointed out last week i was late. getting ready for work, i was laying in bed and he was getting dressed and he just looked at me and said " you know, you're late..." yep... i was aware. but according to the app id been following, it was Thursday and i was only 2 days late. i have a long cycle. like, 38 days long. yea... that in itself is a 5 week cycle! i didnt think too much of it. i had to hard reset my phone the day i was supposed to start and when i redownloaded my app, i had lost EVERYTHING.. id know what day we concieved baby if it hadnt been for that. i cant tell you now. no idea. i found a new app, even better in my opinion, and it said i wasnt going to start til one week later. so i really stopped thinking about it until Tuesday came. I had NONE of my period symptoms. Spotting, cramping, lil bit bloated, nothing. Wednesday came and i had to go by my house for something anyways before going back to continue my week long visit with Rich's family, so i figured i'd grab the tests i had at home. i decided to take it Thursday morning, since thats the best time. on my 2 hour drive back to his dad's, i thought a lot about everything... and knew at this point, i am late. i did the math and my period wasnt there, it was really late...and i didnt want to find out something was even more wrong with me... so i actually sat in the car and i prayed that i was pregnant. i prayed that i wasnt going to find out something else was horribly wrong, that i was pregnant, for once, and having a baby. that i could have a healthy baby... that Rich would really be excited... he had joked all this time about me being pregnant but you never really know how a guy is going to react until you have him truly in the situation. he jokingly told me to take the test when i got back. so at about 6:15 i did. and the 2 pink lines IMMEDIATELY popped up. i ran from the bathroom and shoved the stick in his face. he didnt know what i was saying, so i looked at his dad and said i was pregnant. his dad smiled and congradulated us and Rich kissed me and hugged me close and then said he was scared and went to smoke... all i can think at this moment is i needed to tell Jaimie, cuz she would understand where i was at. i called her and it took her a min to register what i was saying, but she finally realized i had my miracle baby. not married first like we wanted, but i dont even care now. i just want my baby healthy and i want to enjoy my pregnancy with Rich and watch out baby grow and be born and raise the baby together.. hes has told EVERYONE im pregnant. i did plan to wait... but he had it all over his facebook so i decided not to hide it. he couldnt contain his joy and i couldnt either...

 so i sit here... rubbing my belly, looking behind me to the man who helped me create this baby, i thank God it was me being pregnant, and that the baby was created out of love and i know its going to be a very loved little baby...

and i look back at this and realize these words dont begin to express what inside me at the moment...

"Blessed"-Martina McBride



  1. I'm very happy for you Breezie. Yea, Ur excited, & when Ur excited Ur go a little overboard on FB. It happens... Ur gonna drive me INsANE during our pregnancies.. ;) but it happens! I'm glad u switched Ur energies to here. I think it's better fitted :) I live u, and I'm so very excited for you, for us!! :D just remember to BREATHE

  2. *LOVE. That's supposed to say I LOVE you... Not I live you. Stupid phone. -_-