Wednesday, June 27, 2012


A little on edge. I'm pretending it doesn't bother me for the sake of my own sanity, but I am a little nervous this time.

My pap came back abnormal. Again. Of course, every other one is abnormal, and then I have a normal one. The doctor didn't even want to do my pap this time cuz I had one a year ago. I insisted. I'm glad I did. I've known that eventually I'd test abnormal and a doctor would actually do something, this time they are.

I have to set an appointment for a colposcopy(sp?) which is where they mix an iodine and vinegar solution and they wipe it on my cervix. They will then wait for my cervix to change colors and time how fast it happens, then they will do a biopsy. That will hurt... They did one before when I was 16.

Makes me nervous... And the Soldier is nervous as well.. he's worried about me now. I keep reassuring him, hopefully all will be ok. They mentioned cancer already, and if it is, then its been caught. I know I'll be ok.

Til later...


Song: "Breathe" -Greenwheel

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  1. woah woah woah!! when did this appt happen?! I can't text you from my normal number.. it will be from a textFREE number... im texting you now...