Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Found it!!

Written 11/09/2011... Published today.

well. isnt that just a wee smack to the face. kinda.

a lot of my family has mental health issues. so i am really used to the dysfunction of it and used to the constant changes. i had a conversation with my very good friend who is bipolar, and she was even saying "do you realize how fast your talking right now?" i went online and took a test for it that states it isnt a positive diagnosis, but you should see a psychiatrist and have them determine if you truly are and if you need help getting balance back. my results come in...

1-10 points means your in a mania.
10-25 points says your in a depression and possible bipolar spectrum disorder.
25-60 points says bipolar spectrum disorder.

i scored a 51. Awesome sauce right?? so no little bit, i have to score almost as high as i can.

do i think its the end of my life? no way. do i realize all that i need to do with this? yes. i nee dto get in to a psychiatrist.

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