Monday, January 23, 2012

Updates on the Weather

It rained a lot over the weekend and the temperature has warmed a bit, but there's still a lot of snow on the ground.. mostly it has now turned to ice...

I am still seeing friends and family posting about not having power, I know the bar I work at never lost it (cuz we are AWESOME LIKE THAT!) But the coffee shop did. From Thursday til Saturday there was no power. We got fresh milk and began our work day.

I worked last night my usual Sunday evening graveyard shift. It was...interesting. The girl inside the food mart came to get coffee. A guy walked over with his dog from AM/PM and went to a plant and it looked like he had tried to find something or put it down. He then walk to the ice cooler where they sell bags of ice, and did the same thing. Then went back to AM/PM before leaving and headed elsewhere. It looked like he went back to the AM/PM lookin for something. Weird. I never see weird things here.

The girls who work at a sister stand a few miles away? They see all kinds of weird. One girl watched a guy walk through the parking lot and suddenly collapse. He overdosed right there in her drive way and died. Another night, same girl, a truck pulled up, and the dude had some kind of utility bar on his truck. He HUNG himself in the parking lot pretty much right in front of her. I DON'T SEE STUFF LIKE THAT AT WORK!

The cops never found the guy last night, but I came to find out someone had thrown rocks through the window of the KFC next door. Broke in there so they took priority.

Another guy was persistent in hitting on me... He was down here from Canada helping repair power lines. (The "eh" every other word gave him away). He tried very hard, including offering me dinner, tickets to the Thunderbirds, and saying he knows the lady who owns my coffee stand chain and he texted her right there trying to convince me... No, I'm happily engaged. Which he said I was lying. No, I really am, engaged, and very in love, and you might know Obama, you still don't get a date.

Before leaving, a customer who works at the safety down the street came in. In his department ALONE he had to thrown out $40,000 worth of product. He must work the frozen food isle. Dairy would be toast. The deli department as well. The meat department. That's just ONE store. They had no power from Thursday morning to Saturday afternoon. Other customers still don't have power at home. My niece Lilly's mom won't have hers until at least Wednesday. That's a whole week. Hard with a little one. The snow by itself would have been fine. It was the ice that did crippling damage.

Time to get ready for work.. until later.


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