Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WHOA!! 2 in 2 DAYS?!

Let's see... update on my life? No longer living in the hell hole known as Bonney Lake... now i live in this quiet little hole (not a hell hole, but still a hole) sitting very close to Mt. Rainier and totally in the lahar flood zone :) so if the mountain goes? i got 15 minutes to be out or be obliterated.

I quit one job, part of me regrets it, part of me not so much. Finacially i kick myself, but i get rest now. YAY!

I did get the job as a barista, so now i am back to that lovely job :) graveyard tho... yea, my stand is open 24 hours. so i get to work from 10pm-4am.

Closer to discussing my "issues" not that it'll matter cuz i dont think many of the people i know read this... just Jaimie at Legos In My Pocket... altho i am hoping to make my mobile blogger work so i can participate more so in things like A Grimm Tales Photo Swaps and maybe some of the other fun things i see people do... but sadly, mobile blogger is pissing me off, and the damn site says the sites cant be found as soon as i enter my claim code. FML! so my lack of computer keeps me from updating regularly... as soon as i rememdy this problem there will be more updates!! i SWEAR!!

Until then... LOVE!!!

P.S. i am enjoying reading some of the blogs other people read... so if you have suggestions, leave 3 or 4 in a comment box :)

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