Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smells Delicious!

I'm joining Jaimie on this photo swap!!

(My FIRST!!)

(Click the button below to see the entire swap!)

This week's theme:  Smells Delicious!


  1. I LOVE That you joined in for this!! :D (plus the getting my Ying for almost a whole DAY wasn't to bad either! ) ;) Love ya!

  2. I love photo swap/ competitions like this. And you're friends with Jaimie? She's awesome :D

  3. eeps... i dont remember if i responded to this Erin :( i sorry... yes, Jaimie and i are friends :) shes my bestest friend :) i love that bitch :D haha shes like my other sock... hopefully i can remember to blog more frequently and respond to comments... btw, i love your blog!!